Peach Melba Cake

I was asked to do a birthday cake (of my choice) for the first birthday of the most adorable one year old. I’m not skilled enough to make theme cakes and didn’t want to overplay the whole “girl” theme. The birthday was in mid-August so I figured summer flavors would be nice, so a Peach Melba cake it is!

I settled on making a chiffon cake with a peach mousseline filling, raspberry jam, and whipped cream frosting to cover the entire cake. The mousseline I made was pastry cream and whipped butter that were whipped together, and then folded in some peach compote to add in some juicy peachy chunks. I would’ve added peach schnapps into the cake, filling and frosting – but sadly wasn’t prepared enough to have time to run to the store and get some. Peach is a relatively mild flavor that could defiinitely have used the help. To try and make up for it, I made some peach puree and added it to simple syrup to sweeten and mositen the cake layers.

To decorate the cake I got a chocolate transfer sheet and tempered and spread an even layer of white chocolate on the sheet, then cut them into tiles to shingle around the edges of cake as a border. The final details were to write in chocolate (I seriously need to work on my “pen”manship – I haven’t written in cursive since the fifth grade) and garnish with a few slices of fresh peaches and raspberries.


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