Wedding Cake

One of the projects in my Advanced Baking class is decorating a wedding cake. The only requirements were that it had to be a fondant cake, with a minimum of 2 tiers and a maximum of 3. Although my partner and I could’ve made a real cake with edible cake layers inside, we opted to do a foam covered version as we didn’t much like the prospect of having to eat the whole thing. Needless to say, I decided to choose a design that I felt that I could do reasonably well. Well, I can cut ribbons and punch out dots! Haha. I got the design from Martha Stewart’s Wedding Cakes, and condensed it from a 5 tier cake to a 3 tier version.

Working with fondant was a bit tough for me at first. The first day I tried it I probably re-rolled and re-covered the same piece of foam 5 times in a row and got annoyed and frustrated with the rips, tears, and cracks that I kept getting. Eventually I resigned to the fact that it was unavoidable at the beginner level (where I’m at) and it was just fine after that.

Once we had our fondant colored, got our cake layers covered, and the had the little bits and pieces of decor going, assembling the rest wasn’t all that difficult. It did take some time but went fairly quickly and smoothly once we got moving. In total we probably spent around 10 hours over 3 days putting this cake together. My partner had the cutest idea and added the little birdies on top of the cake. Don’t you just love the top hat and bow tie on the yellow one, and the tiara and veil on the pink? I originally wanted to go with a black ribbon but his idea to use burgundy was a much better idea and I think looks quite stunning.

I hope you like it!


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