Meat, Meaty, and Meatier!

This Friday marked the end of week 2 of my second semester of culinary school. Our class was split into three groups, and I’m starting off in the Meat Lab. On the second day of class, we were already shown how to take apart a chicken and did about 4-5 chickens each. Sadly I don’t have any photos of that day since it didn’t occur to me right away that I could cover my phone in saran wrap to protect it from the raw meaty juices. 😀

Once I figured that out, I’ve been trying to take photos of things we’ve been dissecting or taking apart so I can remember what I learned how to do. So far we’ve de-boned and broken down a ham, filleted a salmon, cubed up a chuck for beef stew, julienned a pork shoulder for chow mein, sliced up a ball joint steak for stir fry, ground up beef and lamb for hamburger, pounded out a pork bottom round for scallopini, and more! Some of these primals are so large and heavy that maneuvering the meat and trimming off the more unsavory or inedible parts is quite a work out! For example, check out the beef forequarter demo in my Meat Analysis class – our lucky class got to break down what the Chef wasn’t able to finish in the demo.

The Chef instructor always does a demo for us before sending us off on our own to take apart our own hunk of meat. Although I feel like this is the most I’ve ever worked or touched with meat, I actually find it rather interesting. Here are some meaty photos – the saran wrap does get in the way of the photo quality, but I think the idea still gets across.


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