December Dessert Party

Here are some photos of the desserts from the second ever Dessert & Wine party that we hosted this past Saturday. We prepare the desserts, and guests bring a bottle of wine. This time we had a fun activity where guests could roll out, decorate and bake their own sugar cookies to take home or eat on the spot. My friend Bert has the most adorable kids –  they took home cookies that probably had more frosting and sprinkles than cookie. ❤

When choosing desserts for the party, I try to follow a seasonal theme and feature one dessert from the following categories: layer cake, chocolate, fruit, custard, and a wild card. The wild card’s there for me to “cheat” a little and make whatever I like. 😛 Having these categories actually makes it a lot easier to choose the menu and ensure a decent variety of items.

This time I was trying a bit of a holiday theme, so there was a cookie plate (gingerbread cookies, macadamia short bread, peppermint pinwheels, tomato & cheddar palmiers) and phyllo cups with pastry cream & pears poached in port and saffron. I also did a pots de creme and meringue cookies with cocoa nibs, a Spanish vanilla cake with an apricot jam and almond paste filling, and finger sized chocolate eclair. In celebration of the first night of Hanukkah we also had sufganiyah, which are Jewish jelly filled doughnuts, that were fried up fresh during the party. I made some egg nog as well, but seeing as how I’ve never had it before and neither had most of the guests, I’m not sure how good it really was.  All in all, it looks like the phyllo cups were the most popular by far this time, with very good comments on the pastry cream. More discussion on pastry cream another time.

Overall, I think everybody enjoyed the food and had a good time!


2 responses to “December Dessert Party

  1. Hi Ester
    these deserts look sooo delicious.
    I cant wait to sample a few when we visit next year
    xxxxmel c Australia

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